We are a small running club founded in Cambridge with a desire to offer easy, low-key and cheap access to endurance running. We aim to promote progression within a friendly environment of runners passionate about lifestyle running

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£10 annual membership

England Athletic affiliated

£10 annual membership

England Athletic affiliated

We are a light-touch running club for adults. If you can already run 5km (3 miles) and are looking for a team-spirit and shared motivation then we offer an easy way to take your running forward.

We believe that everyone is capable of becoming an excellent runner

Whilst we currently do not offer coach-led sessions, we have considerable experience in progression within running and racing at a range of levels. We will be more than happy to talk you through our experiences and help you decide where you want your running to take you next!

Our runners are self-coached and adopt a relatively simple training regime, based mostly on running as part of their lifestyle.

Why join a running club?

Anyone fortunate enough to have reasonable health can run - it is not rocket science - and the costs can be minimal. But, we know that starting running, especially after years of relative inactivity can be challenging. There are now many very good programs that enable beginners to progress to the point they can run 5km (e.g. a parkrun).

Once your original goal has been achieved, enthusiasm and commitment can decline. We know that much of the fitness you gain from a short period of training is lost relatively quickly such that developing a habit of (lifestyle) running is critical. As a club we want to promote lifestyle running.

Many of our runners do not actively train - they simply run. Some run to work, others run for relaxation in the evening whilst others run together socially for a chat. Running for fitness does not mean it has to be unpleasant. It is possible to become a fast runner by running for pleasure. Joining a running club is one way of committing to the process of lifestyle running. It does not have to mean weekly treks out to a running club for gut wrenchingly hard sessions.

By joining a club you are accessing and sharing a passion for running. Runners go places. We train in the local environment, and we take part in running events. Whether you are a slow or fast runner makes no difference. By being part of a club you can enjoy the performances of all

A member of the club, Christof, has developed training analysis tool that is now used by thousands - it integrates with Strava and offers some serious insights!

For those interested in long distance running, there is this marathon pace prediction web app made by a couple of club members

Take a look at the club Strava group